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Esko brings elevated presence across the industry at Labelexpo Europe 2017

With its broad portfolio of label workflow innovations ranging from project management, design, prepress, to flexo platemaking and printing, Esko ( has teamed up with a wide range of industry partners at Labelexpo Europe 2017 to simplify the complete label production process. In addition to numerous integrated Esko solutions in partner stands across the halls at Brussels Expo, Esko will also showcase many innovations on its own stand located in hall 3, booth C50.

“Esko has built a reputation across the entire labels industry as an essential vendor for all label-related workflow innovations,” said Udo Panenka, President of Esko. “The broad network of industry partners exhibiting at Labelexpo that have included Esko in their offering demonstrates how integrated solutions add considerably more value, especially with increased pressure to generate more jobs faster and with shorter run lengths becoming a common challenge for the entire industry.”

At Labelexpo Europe 2017, Esko has partnered with the following wide range of key industry suppliers in the following innovations:

Prepress editing and workflow:

Cerm Benelux (hall 6, booth A42):a global supplier of Business Management Software for narrow web printers and part of the Heidelberg group, teamed up with Esko to productize the integration between MIS and prepress. The user-friendly interface benefits from automation, accounting for the one-up approval cycle and automating step-and-repeat, resulting in significant benefits for joint customers.
EFI (hall 9, booth C40): many packaging and label companies rely on EFI MIS/ERP software to to facilitate the collection and integration of company-wide information for more profitable business management. Esko Automation Engine and EFI’s Packaging Suite with Radius at its core are integrated to automate the information flow between prepress and admin to avoid errors and redundancy but to also increase efficiencies.”
GlobalVision (hall 3, booth D65):as a global supplier of print quality control software, GlobalVision technology is seamlessly integrated into Esko’s viewing technology as well as Esko’s Automation Engine to offer customers the ability to efficiently deal with more jobs per day while reducing the number of quality issues.
Label Traxx (hall 9, booth A10):Label Traxx is a global supplier of MIS systems for the label market. Esko Automation Engine and Label Traxx are seamlessly integrated with a bi-directional datastream between the order entry and prepress departments. It avoids errors resulting from data entry duplication, streamlines prepress and provides live status updates. GmbH (hall 6, booth 6A62): the C3 MIS/ERP software for labels, flexible packaging and folding cartons delivers out-of-the box integration with Esko Automation Engine for maximum efficiency in prepress and production workflow. The joint customers benefit from higher levels of efficiency as well as substantially reduced error-rates.
Flexo Platemaking:

Asahi Photoproducts (hall 5, booth A34): having worked with Esko for more than 15 years, Esko’s laser imager installations at each of Asahi’s Technology Centers in Belgium, Japan and China have helped the company to better support customers and boost R&D efforts.
DuPont (hall 11, booth B16): shares a long-term partnership with Esko that is committed to innovation in sustainable packaging print solutions, providing the highest quality and productivity.
Fujifilm (hall 9, booth A34): is a leading global supplier of advanced print production systems including analogue and digital solutions for the Packaging & Label industry. Its partnership with Esko incorporates Esko’s laser imager and application support in a joint effort to support customers in both Label and flexible packaging printing enrich the customer experience, adding value that would otherwise be difficult to achieve.
Graphics Solutions (hall 5, booth A17): MacDermid uses Esko screening, imaging and digital UV plate making solutions to maximize the performance of their broad line of digital flexo plates.
Printing and Ink:

AVT (hall 9, booth C05): >a global supplier of inspection and print quality systems, is also part of the Product Identification Platform of Danaher and is working closely with Esko to dramatically reduce waste that occurs as a result of quality issues through a live link between Esko’s Automation Engine and AVT’s ZeroSet.
BOBST (hall 3, booths A58 & A59): a global supplier of equipment and services to packaging and label manufacturers in the folding carton, corrugated board and flexible materials industries. At Labelexpo, Esko will be demonstrating a new flexo platemaking workflow as part of its cooperation in REVO. While designs will be printed live on the three BOBST narrow- and-mid web inline flexo and multi-process production lines demonstrated at the show in their very latest configuration – the M1, the M5X and the M6 – the latest v Esko will show the software workflow that happens before printing occurs. This will include converting jobs with Equinox to the REVO inks and automatically arranging separations for imaging on the new Crystal CDI XPS 4835.
Codimag (hall 11, booth C10): a global supplier of printing presses and a leader in anilox offset label printing, offering Aniflo, a solution tailored to label printers’ needs with a high level of innovation. At Labelexpo, Codimag is providing AnifloLive demos where printers can bring a PDF file for conversion to an expanded color gamut file using Esko Equinox. The file will be processed automatically by Automation Engine and then printed live and right away on a VIVA 340 Evolution press. From your PDF file to printed labels in less than 30 minutes!
Domino (hall 9, booth A60): The Domino N-Series presses combine high productivity with the flexibility of digital printing. The latest Digital Front End v2.0 delivers higher productivity and improved variable data printing (VDP) capabilities in conjunction with Esko color management that has been proven to meet the demanding brand quality needs of the label market today. Domino will continue to partner with Esko on production workflow with seamless connectivity that maximizes value for joint customers.
Durst (hall 8, booth B26): as a leading manufacturer of professional digital imaging systems for graphic, labels and package printing, Durst Phototechnik works with Esko using its Digital Front End (DFE) Rip and color management software for a more complete customer solution.
Edale (hall 7, booth D39): a supplier of high technology, narrow-mid web flexographic and digital printing presses and converting equipment. Edale has partnered with Esko to share the best available labels and packaging printing technology to support customers, help them improve performance and ensure a high level of customer satisfaction.
Epson (hall 9, booth A50): Epson and Esko bring together advanced digital technologies that provide customers with an effective way to streamline prepress and workflow in order to print consistent, high-quality color labels.
HP Indigo (PATIO): The latest development in HP and Esko’s ten year relationship is the incorporation of Esko Color Engine into the new HP Production Pro for Labels & Packaging. It analyzes the artwork and determines the best color space and ink separations to print the job at the right quality, helping to get to color with fewer clicks. HP Indigo label presses also incorporate Esko Automation Engine QuickStart for labels as part of a seamless workflow process.
Mark Andy (hall 4 booth C45): the aim of Mark Andy is to be a total solutions partner. By working with Esko, the company is able to maximize the quality and efficiency of the entire workflow, from receipt of artwork to on-press printing to delivering the best finished printed products
Mouvent (hall 3, booths A60 and A64): a new company founded by a joint venture between BOBST and Radex. It focuses exclusively on digital print using pioneering digital technology. At Labelexpo, Mouvent will be showing Esko’s Automation Engine QuickStart for Labels.
MPS (hall 11, booth C20): At Labelexpo Europe, MPS is launching a new connectivity platform ‘talk to me’ that promotes interaction between MPS printing presses and Management Information Systems (MIS). Esko colour management and workflow management are important in the prepress stage of the process. In this implementation, Automation Engine sends information to the press for automated job configuration.
Nilpeter (hall 7, booths B35 & 7B39): the PANORAMA HYBRID complete inline solution combines digital inkjet printing with flexo and inline finishing. The Esko workflow solution drives the combination press. Nilpeter and Esko collaborated to ensure joint customers can implement a workflow that delivers the best productivity and color accuracy from the printing press.
Omet (hall 6, booths C49 & C53): has partnered with Esko to share the best available labels and packaging printing technology to support customers, help them improve performance and ensure a high level of customer satisfaction.
Soma (hall 11, booth F20): is a longstanding technology partner of Esko’s Equinox in expanded gamut printing in combination with their flexo presses for packaging printing, featuring shorter packaging production runs and product variation.
Sun Chemical (hall 5, booth E45): has strengthened its collaboration with Esko in the field of expanded color gamut printing. Visitors to Labelexpo will be able to see how SunECG, which includes Esko’s Equinox solution, enables customers to set up a simple process for efficient printing with more press uptime and accurate and repeatable color.
X-Rite, Pantone and AVT (hall 3, booth C50): by blending X-Rite’s expertise in communicating, formulating, measuring and managing color, Pantone’s position as the world’s color authority for nearly 50 years and AVT’s industry-leading print inspection solutions with Esko’s deep knowledge and expertise in the labels and packaging industry, these Danaher Product Identification Platform companies are better able to support customers in meeting color standards and expectations on a wide range of materials and with a broad array of printing technologies. X-Rite, Pantone and Esko will be located on Stand 3C50, while AVT will be located on Stand 9C05.
Esko’s new pre-configured workflow automation solution, Automation Engine QuickStart for Labels, helps digital press owners to process their jobs faster and flawless from incoming order to the press. This is also being demonstrated on the stand of HP Indigo.

Esko a Central Player in the New Automation Arena at Labelexpo Europe

A clear illustration of Esko’s omnipresence in label production is its pivotal role in the Automation Arena, a new feature of the 2017 edition of Labelexpo Europe located in hall 11. Esko is showing a comprehensive set of software solutions for design and prepress, workflow automation, color management, and supply chain collaboration for the label printing industry. With a focus on cost control and productivity optimization, the Esko Software Platform supports an end-to-end label workflow with hyper realistic 3D viewing on multiple devices including mobile, web collaboration, PDF editing, content management, and quality assurance tools – all providing a modern user experience.

“Vendors as well as printers and converters are looking for integrated solutions to improve the entire label production process, from incoming order to the finished and delivered label. Esko’s broad portfolio of innovations combined with the strength of our partner solutions is instrumental in helping converters overcome these challenges,” Panenka concluded.

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