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Lerchmüller Invests in Stand-Alone Nilpeter PANORAMA

Swiss label printer Lerchmüller has invested in a 5-colour variable data stand-alone Nilpeter PANORAMA to upgrade old equipment, decrease delivery times, and increase business in new markets for variable data and other personalization.

From their facilities in Schinznach-Dorf, approximately 30 minutes outside Zürich, Lerchmüller provides a wide variety of high-quality label products, direct mailings, cards, and forms. Their new PANORAMA serves as a replacement for an existing offset press, and the prospect of no click charges, the promising future of InkJet printing, and stable consistent printing quality were deciding factors in the decision-making process.

“After a lengthy decision-making process, we have come to the conclusion that the printing quality of the Nilpeter DP-3 PANORAMA is best suited to the high requirements of our customers. Thanks to the extended colour space in the VIVID color mode and the high-resolution screening process, the DP-3 PANORAMA guarantees an outstanding yet extremely natural colour depth - comparable to HD Flexo quality. The fact that we can also rely on Nilpeter's many years of experience as a label press manufacturer in the introduction of the new technology, has made the investment decision easier for us”, states Mr. Dörig, CEO Lerchmüller.

Finally, the local support from Andreas Höfner and the team at Nilpeter GmbH tipped the scale and convinced Lerchmüller to choose the PANORAMA as their first Nilpeter press since acquiring a Nilpeter B-280 letterpress years ago.

“We are very happy to see the first PANORAMA installed in Switzerland, especially with a quality-conscious converter such as Lerchmüller, who seeks to catch up with the latest technology”, Andreas Höfner, Managing Director at Nilpeter GmbH, explained.

From left to right: Lerchmüller Production Manager Boris Wyrsch, General Manager Rolf Dörig, and General Manager Patrick Lerchmüller.