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Michelman Announces a Suite of Products for HP Indigo High Performance Label Applications at LabelExpo Europe 2017

Michelman is expanding its portfolio of DigiPrime® and DigiGuard® products at LabelExpo Europe 2017. This suite of products was designed in close collaboration with HP Indigo to address more demanding label applications that could not be done digitally before in order to broaden application versatility and reach higher levels of resistance.

Three new products will be introduced under the HP Indigo Pack Ready for Labels program.
The cornerstone of this suite is DigiPrime 022, an innovative water-based primer formulated specifically for use in line with the HP Indigo 6000 digital press series.
Building on the foundation of DigiPrime 022, Michelman will also launch DigiGuard 222, new UV curable overprint varnishes (OPV), available in matte and glossy versions. When these OPVs are used in conjunction with DigiPrime 022, the combination results in labels with superior water, thermal and chemical resistance.
For press owners that want to continue using their current UV curable OPVs that have been validated by HP, a new additive, DigiGuard 901 OPV strengthener, will be available. This additive will enable these OPVs to reach the required performance levels, when used in conjunction with DigiPrime 022.
With this new portfolio of Michelman products, HP Indigo press owners will be able to capture new market segments such as personal care, household chemicals and other demanding applications. These new products will be available in the first quarter of 2018.