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PACK EXPO Las Vegas 2017: Mondi barrier films offer American market unprecedented product protection

Striving to protect product aroma and scent against external contamination, Mondi Consumer Packaging promotes its latest industrial barrier film solutions at PACK EXPO Las Vegas (25-27 September 2017). Highlights at booth S-6715 include a range of pre-formed tubes and bags that provide greater product protection and improved material stability. The North American audience can put the films’ outstanding mechanical properties to the test and find out how to benefit from Mondi’s blown film extrusion technology.


What sets Mondi’s solutions apart is their unique film structure. Comprising multilayer films, including a Nylon (PA) or EVOH layer in the center, it creates an almost impenetrable barrier for moisture, scent or gas. Additionally, this stronger structure makes the material far more durable and tighter than conventional sealed films, which cannot provide the same level of stability. As a result, food, cosmetic, agricultural and chemistry products can enjoy a much higher level of product protection than previously possible thanks to an extended shelf life.


Moreover, the films are available in two different versions. The first one is a pre-formed tube with side gussets, which is ideal for automated form, fill and sealing production in a wide variety of formats from 1 pound up to 50 pounds. The film tubes can be printed on in as many as six colors. The solution also provides added value: a special anti-slip embossing simplifies palletization of the product.


The second version of the ultra-strong and protective films can be used for pre-formed bags that require manual filling. Being resistant to flex-cracks, the integrity of these bags is comparable to aluminum. Consequently, the increased product protection and high material quality makes these films particularly appealing for the American pet food and pharmaceutical markets. Visitors to PACK EXPO Las Vegas can experience first-hand how Mondi’s high barrier film bags enhance product shelf life without compromising brand differentiation. In fact, brand differentiation can be increased by printing on the bags – again, with up to six colors.


Georg Kasperkovitz, CEO of Mondi Consumer Packaging, commented “PACK EXPO Las Vegas is a great platform for demonstrating how our latest innovative flexible packaging solutions reflect the increasing trend towards product protection at point of sale. We see a huge potential for the North American barrier products market and we believe our solutions can help food and pharma producers seize this opportunity.”