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UPM Raflatac introduces new Dissolving Paper material for transport and logistics applications

UPM Raflatac is expanding its range of transport and logistics labeling solutions for the European market with a new dissolving label material that is suitable for direct thermal printing. The new Dissolving Paper Thermal Eco and the existing Dissolving Paper Plus are both ideal for applications where labels need to be removed quickly without an additional washing process and without leaving any paper waste or adhesive residue.


Short-term labeling solutions are used in a variety of logistics and transport applications, particularly where containers are labeled and used multiple times. Some typical examples are recyclable crates and airline meal trays.


Dissolving Paper Thermal Eco is designed for direct thermal printing and can be considered as BPA and BPS free. Both Dissolving Paper Plus and Dissolving Paper Thermal Eco dissolve quickly, even in cold water, without requiring any additional washing processes. The labeled surface is left clean of residue, and because the paper face and adhesive dissolve completely there is no risk of filters or drains becoming clogged with waste.


"Removing labels without leaving residue behind and dealing with waste can often be a challenge in applications where reusable containers or packages are used but there is no separate washing process in place," says Jouni Iiskola, Segment Manager, Logistics, UPM Raflatac. "Dissolving Paper Plus and Dissolving Paper Thermal Eco are specifically designed for these types of situations as the labels dissolve quickly, even in cold water."