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Based in San Diego, California; print experts DPI Direct have invested in an 8 colour Edale FL3 flexographic press with 430mm web width, AiiR system (including pressure control) as well as a converting automation pack which includes semi-rotary die cutting, automatic die load and unload, auto set sheer and back slitting.
Sold via Edale's North American distributors, Matik Inc, DPI chose Edale after being particularly impressed with the features of the tailor-made machine, as well as the fast run speeds at which the FL3 could maintain under fully automated control. They also highlighted the unique service Edale provided to create a custom-built press for the production of packaging solutions including wine labels, light cartons and craft water labels.
Matt Teeter, VP Labels and Packaging at DPI Direct said "We were looking for as much automation as possible. Big names in the U.S. weren't doing what Edale is."
AiiR technology (autonomous inking, impression and print registration) uses precision camera technology to improve registration accuracy, while automated print pressure control reduces wastage and set-up times.  By fully automating print and the registration processes, the level of operator intervention can be reduced, leading to fewer errors and a more consistent, higher quality final product.
Automation is continuously proving popular as it allows printers to speed up production time while reducing operator skill levels, a must-have for print houses, whatever the scale.
Matt also stated how working with Edale's Managing Director, James Boughton, was another highlight;
"It's been refreshing to see an MD who can communicate effectively through working knowledge and experience."
The FL3 is due to be installed at DPI Direct in January 2018.

Photo, left to right: Matt Teeter (DPI VP of Labels and Packaging), Sam Mousavi (DPI President & CEO) and James Boughton (Edale MD).

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