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FINAT launches #LABELicious to attract fresh talent

International label association FINAT has launched its #LABELicious competition to attract fresh, creative and enthusiastic industry talent.

The initiative follows the finding of the latest FINAT Radar industry survey that discovered how challenging it is for the industry to attract a newly skilled next generation workforce.

The competition also marks FINAT’s 60th anniversary, and its aim is to increase awareness among students and young professionals about the creative, technical and leadership skills involved in shaping tomorrow’s labels and label sector. The goal is to educate students and young professionals about the exciting and challenging opportunities the industry offers and how their innovative spirits can make a difference.

The #LABELicious competition features three categories, all of which have an important sustainability aspect. These include:

  • Brand Design: The winning entry will demonstrate how in 2025 a branded label will create an outstanding experience, competitive advantage and added value for a brand in its own product category.
  • Smart / Intelligent / Multifunctional Labels: The winning entry will demonstrate how technology adds value to a label through new functionality, other than branding alone.
  • Out of The Box: The winning entry will demonstrate how out-of-the-box-thinking, combining both creative design and technology, offers new applications and added-value possibilities in product labelling. This could also present a vision of the entrant’s future work environment in the industry.

As further details and rules for the competition are being developed, the project is designed to demonstrate how the label profession is evolving, how labels and adjacent technologies are key to the success of brands and industry processes, and ultimately, why the label industry is an attractive work option for young talent.

FINAT plans to develop this project throughout 2018 and 2019. It will work with a wide range of partners and stakeholders including companies in the label industry, National Associations, national and international media, and partners from vocational educational institutions and universities.

FINAT President Chris Ellison states, “We are also delighted to officially announce our cooperation with Labelexpo and the fact that Labels & Labeling and The Label Academy have joined #LABELicious as International Media Partners. The international winners of the competition will be announced during Labelexpo Europe 2019 where a #LABELicious pavilion will showcase all winning entries.”

With project, FINAT confirms its dedication to talent development, as it did 10 years ago at the occasion of its Golden Jubilee with the foundation of its Young Managers Club (YMC). The YMC is still active today, offering its 80 members special programmes to increase their management skills, expand their industry knowledge, gain experience and network with peers. The YMC will hold its 5th Global Congress from 5-7 September in Bucharest, Romania. This year’s programme will focus on best practices in HR aspects internal relations and managing workforce, logistical challenges, and future developments in packaging from a brand-owners perspective. The event is open to both YMC members and non-members. More information can be found on

For more information about the #LABELicious competition or to become a sponsor, visit