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For the 14th consecutive year, representatives from web offset printing houses that use Cortina printing presses from the Koenig and Bauer group will meet from 26 to 27 September 2018. As this year’s host, ink manufacturer hubergroup is looking forward to welcoming participants in Munich.

In the last year, hubergroup has reorientated its focus to the field of web offset printing. After revising formulation principles and undertaking comprehensive measures to optimise the consistent quality of manufacturing through targeted, procedural adjustments, the ink manufacturer is once again enjoying market success with competitive inks for waterless newspaper printing.

Around 90 participants from more than ten countries will be able to update themselves on the latest industry developments through numerous technical presentations. The speakers include Bernd Groh and Henry Winkler from hubergroup, a partner from the supply industry, who will speak about current experiences in waterless newspaper printing.

Henry Winkler, Technical Product Manager Web Offset Europe hubergroup Deutschland GmbH

Henry Winkler, Technical Product Manager Web Offset Europe at hubergroup Deutschland GmbH, together with Michael Kirmeier from PrĂ¼fbau will outline a new approach to the influencing factors and interactions in waterless offset printing. Henry Winkler stated, “There are still a number of unresolved phenomena in waterless offset printing; but thanks to our research results, we now have a much clearer understanding of the interactions that occur when printing and can effectively reproduce certain properties in the laboratory. We are able to apply our findings to selectively target the formulations of our newspaper inks for waterless KBA Cortina presses.”

Bernd Groh, Global Product- & Portfolio Manager hubergroup Deutschland GmbH

In the presentation “Sustainable ideas, concepts and products”, Bernd Groh, Global Product & Portfolio Manager at hubergroup Deutschland GmbH, explains the advantages for printing houses of manufacturing in accordance with the criteria of common environmental labels such as Blue Angel or Cradle to Cradle. He also discusses the challenges users should expect in this regard, stating, “In order to secure future business, dealing with the topic of sustainable production with regard to waterless newspaper printing is highly recommended. The hubergroup is an experienced partner of Cortina users with a wide portfolio of inks that are compliant to environment labels.”

Finally, a tour of the hubergroup production facilities will give participants interesting insight into the modern world of ink manufacturing.